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Almagro is a football (soccer) club from Argentina.

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About Almagro

Club Almagro is a sports club from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The club is mostly known for its association football team, which currently plays in the Primera B Metropolitana, the regionalised third division of Argentine football league system.

Almagro was founded on January 6, 1911, in the Almagro, Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. The club still has its sports facilities there for its members, but the football stadium (with a capacity of 19,000) is located in José Ingenieros, Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires.

Almagro played one year in first division in 1938 after winning the first second division tournament that awarded a promotion. Later the team won the 1968 second division tournament, but had to participate in the Reclasificatorio tournament with first division teams and other second divisioners and didn't won the promotion. The Tricolores played most of the time in second division, a few years in third division, but in 2000 and 2004 they won the promotion to Primera División Argentina, only to be relegated both times after only one season playing at the top level.

Current Squad 2011/12

Notable former players

- Humberto Recanatini
- Hector Ausili (1939–49)
- Raimundo Orsi (1939–40)
- Enrique Planisi (1948–59)
- Claudio Tamburini (1977-)
- Delio Onnis (1967–68)
- Ricardo Caruso Lombardi (1986–88)
- Carlos Alberto Yaqué (1996–97), (2005–06)
- Mauricio Giganti (1997–98)
- Lucas Pusineri (1997–99)

- Damián Grosso (1997-01)
- Francisco Diego Maciel (1998-01)
- Lucas Sparapani (1999-01), (2003–05), (2006–08)
- Jonathan Santana (2000–01)
- Sebastián Carrera (2001–04)
- Federico Nieto (2002–05)
- Juan Cobián (2004–05)
- Emmanuel Culio (2004–05)
- Osvaldo Miranda (2004–05)


- Primera B Metropolitana: 2

- Primera C Metropolitana: 1

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