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Nueva Chicago

Nueva Chicago is a football (soccer) club from Argentina.

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About Nueva Chicago

Nueva Chicago is an Argentina sports club based in Mataderos, a neighborhood in the west side of Buenos Aires, formerly called "Nueva Chicago". Club's nickname, El Torito (The Little Bull) is an allusion to 1930s legendary boxer Justo Suárez, known as El Torito de Mataderos (Mataderos' Little Bull).

The football (soccer) team currently plays in the Primera B Metropolitana, the regionalised third division of the Argentine football league system.


The beginning

On July 1, 1911, a group of young people from 15 to 30 years old, met in a public park, more specifically on the wooden bridge located in the corner of Tellier and Francisco Bilbao streets, to form a football team. The name chosen was "Los Unidos de Nueva Chicago", naming President to Pedro San Martín, along with Felipe Maglio as Vice-President.

Club's sports activities stated behind the slaughterhouses, in an empty land located there.


There were many proposals to define the team colors. Some wished to adopt the colors from Alumni Athletic Club (football), red and white; others suggested to use Racing Club de Avellaneda colors, light blue and white. While they were discussing, a truck loaded with bundles which had green and black colors went pass the Campana (today Crovara) Avenue. Those colors were immediately adopted as club colors.

Promotions to Primera División

The first time Chicago promoted in professional era was in 1981. That year the squad won 22 matches, drew 14 and lost only 6. They scored 66 goals and received 40. On December 12, Chicago played its last match against Deportivo Español.

The second promotion was in 2001 in the Estadio Chateau Carreras after defeating Instituto de Córdoba 3-2. 12.000 Chicago fans attended to the stadium, celebrating the goal scored by Oscar Gómez in the last minute of the match, after running 50 mts with the ball.

Relegation and brutality

In 2007 Chicago was in danger of being relegated again due to the poor campaign done in past seasons. In June Chicago had to face Club Atlético Tigre playing two matches to define which team would be remain in Primera. Tigre won the first game 1-0. The following match was played on June 25, 2007. When Tigre was defeating Chicago 2-1 (and therefore relegating Chicago to Primera B Nacional) hundreds of Chicago's Football hooliganism jumped into the field without being stopped by the police (although there were 200 police man in the stadium), taking off the uniforms to players and then attacking Tigre's supporters which were peacefully celebrating their return to Primera División. The violent acts continued outside the stadium, where the hooligans of both teams clashed and a fan of Tigre, Marcelo Cejas, was killed.

Punishment and new relegation

A month after the violent struggling, the Court of Discipline of the Argentine Football Association punished Nueva Chicago with the loss of 20 points for the 2007-08 Primera B Nacional tournament (although 18 points were finally deducted). Moreover, the Government of Argentina closed Chicago stadium for 20 fixtures, therefore the team could not play at its venue during all 2007-08 season and had to use other stadiums, mainly the Argentinos Juniors and Ferro Carril Oeste facilities.

At the end of the season, Chicago totalized 52 points that finally were 34 (when the deduction of 18 points was applied), which forced the team to play the Promoción again, facing Club Atlético Los Andes. The team from Lomas de Zamora won both matches (1-0 and 2-0), relegating Nueva Chicago to Primera B Metropolitana, the third division of Argentine football.

Current Squad 2010/11

Notable players

- Julio San Lorenzo (1958–62), (1970)
- Hugo Tocalli (1971–74)
- Jorge Higuaín (1976–80)
- Roque Erba (1980s)
- Mario Franceschini (1980s)
- Favio Almirón (1990s)
- César Couceiro (1990–93)
- Gustavo González (1990s)
- Hector Sánchez, "Pocholo" (1989–95), (2000–01)

- Christian Gómez (1991–96), (2001–02)
- Sergio Batista (1992–93)
- Marcelo Elizaga (1992–98)
- Leandro Lázzaro (1994–98)
- Lucio Filomeno (1995–97), (2006–07)
- Martín Mandra (1996–97), (2001–02), (2004)
- Facundo Argüello (soccer) (1998-03)
- Adrián Fernández (footballer) (1998-03)
- Julio Cesar Serrano (1999-05), (2007)

- Juan Huerta (2001–04)
- César Carranza (2001–07)
- Jonathan Santana (2002–03)
- Daniel Tilger (2002–04)
- Mariano Donda (2003–07)
- Leandro Testa (2003–04), (2006)
- Federico Higuaín (2005–07)
- Leonardo Sigali (2005–07)
- Mario Vega (2005–07)


- Primera B Metropolitana: 1

- Primera C Metropolitana: 1

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