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Quilmes is a football (soccer) club from Argentina.

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About Quilmes

Quilmes Atlético Club is an Argentina sports club, based in the Quilmes, Buenos Aires district of Greater Buenos Aires. Quilmes is one of the oldest clubs of Argentina, having been founded in 1887. Its Association football squad currently plays in the Primera B Nacional, the second division of the Argentine football league system. The club has also a competitive field hockey team.


The origins of the club can be found at Quilmes and Polo Club, founded by United Kingdom immigrants about 1880. In 1887 the club changed its name to Quilmes Rovers Athletic Club with an entire football team completely formed by British people. Then it switched again to Quilmes Cricket Club in 1897, finally changing to Quilmes Athletic Club in 1900, when the club registered to Argentine Association Football League (former Argentine Football Association)

By the time that Quilmes was founded, the only club existing in Quilmes, Buenos Aires was the Quilmes Lawn Tennis Club. Guillermo Morgan was named president, becoming the first chairman of the recently created institution. During its first years, Quilmes did not admitted non-British members. The club represented to the huge British community that worked at Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway. At the beginning of its existence, the main sport practised at Quilmes was cricket, and club's colors were crimson and blue.

In March 1898 Quilmes Cricket Club added association football as sport. In 1901 the club also changed its colors, adopting the England national football team's, white shirt with blue collar and shorts. By the first years of XX Century the club began to admit Argentine members, following the example of the other institution of the city, Argentino de Quilmes, which had been founded as a reaction to British rules for memberships. Unlike Quilmes CC, Argentino was opened to receive Argentine members.

Quilmes was the first team (amongst the one that are still active) to face legendary Alumni Athletic Club (football), in 1901. Alumni beat Quilmes 1-0 and 3-1, keeping its supremacy until 1906 when Quilmes achieved its first victory, defeating Alumni 4-2.

In 1912 Quilmes won the Amateur era in Argentine football championship. The team was formed by many British players that had played for legendary Alumni Athletic Club (football). During the professional era, Quilmes was relegated (along with Argentinos Juniors) to the second division.

The team played in Primera B Metropolitana until 1949 when Quilmes won the title promoting to Primera. Quilmes finished the season scored the most goals during the tournament (118). In 1959 the club changed its name again, turning to the Spanish denomination Quilmes Atlético Club which has remained since.

After being relegated again in 1951, Quilmes won the second division championship and promoted to Primera, after the Football Association stated that Newell's Old Boys (who had finished first and proclaimed champion) promised Excursionistas an amount of money if they defeated Quilmes. As a result, the title was given to Quilmes (which had finished 2nd after Newell's) which promoted to Primera instead of Rosario, Santa Fe team.

Quilmes lasted only season at the top division, being relegated in 1962 and returning to Primera 3 years later, along with champion Colón de Santa Fe. The club would be relegated again in 1970. Five years later, Quilmes won the Primera B title, promoting along with champion Club Atlético San Telmo.

In 1978 Quilmes won the Primera_División_Argentina_1978 Metropolitano_Championship, being its only title in Primera to date. That team, coached by José Yudica, had notable players such as Jorge Gáspari, Horacio Milozzi, top-scorer Luis Andreuchi and Omar "El Indio" Gómez, considered the greatest idol in club's history. The next year Quilmes played the 1979 Copa Libertadores but the team did not qualify for the second round being eliminated.

In 1980 Quilmes was relegated to Primera B, returning to Primera just one year later along with champion Club Atlético Nueva Chicago after finishing 2nd. Quilmes made a great performance during the 1981 Torneo Nacional reaching the finals where the team was finally beaten by Ferro Carril Oeste. The next season Quilmes could not repeat the good performance and was relegated again to second division. In 1986, due to a major restructuring in the Argentine league system, a new division, "Primera B Nacional" is created. Quilmes did not qualify to play there so the team continued at Primera B, which became the third division after the restructuring.

Uniform evolution

brewery of the same city (which also is the main sponsor of the club).


Quilmes started building a new stadium in 1987 to inaugurate it first in 1993, and then officially in 1995. It was extended in 1998 to its current capacity.
The old stadium of Guido and Sarmiento junction was later demolished.

Former players


Amateur era

- Amateur era in Argentine football: 1

Professional era

- Primera División Argentina: 1

- Primera B Nacional: 2

- Primera B Metropolitana: 3

Other sports

The sports club has its installations in Quilmes with activities that include tennis, basketball, volleyball, and most notably field hockey, with a field hockey stadium (Estadio Nacional de Hockey) with 6,000 seats, and whose successful female and male professional teams have won 17 and 13 first division championships respectively.

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