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Newells Old Boys

Newells Old Boys is a football (soccer) club from Argentina.

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About Newells Old Boys

Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys is an Argentina sports club based in Rosario, Santa Fe. The club was founded on November 3, 1903, and is named after Isaac Newell, one of the pioneers of Football in Argentina. Newell's is best known for their association football team, that plays in the Argentine Primera División (top level of the Argentine football league system).

Originally member of Rosario's Football Association, Newell's affiliated to the Argentine Football Association (AFA) in 1939. They have won AFA's Primera División five times throughout their history, the first being in the 1974 Argentine Primera División Campeonato Metropolitano and the last in the 2003–04 Argentine Primera División Torneo Clausura. Newell's has also been twice Copa Libertadores runner-up (in 1988 Copa Libertadores and 1992 Copa Libertadores).

The club's football stadium is the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa, named after the team's former player and Manager (association football) Marcelo Bielsa (twice champion, and runner-up of one Copa Libertadores). Newell's plays the Rosario derby against Rosario Central, a club with which they have a huge historical rivalry.

Newell's is also notable for their youth divisions, being the club with most national titles in AFA's youth tournaments. Players from the club's youths who have represented Argentina national football team at FIFA World Cup are Gabriel Batistuta, Américo Gallego, Jorge Valdano, Gabriel Heinze, Roberto Sensini, Mauricio Pocchettino and Maxi Rodríguez, among others. Lionel Messi also played in the club's youths, but left at a young age to Barcelona to seek treatment for his growth hormone deficiency, while Diego Maradona played briefly for the first team in 1993 (5 games).


The club was named by ex-pupils of the English High School of Rosario in homage to its director and football coach, English people immigrant Isaac Newell. Newell's Old Boys has an historic rivalry with Rosario Central, the other club from Rosario.

The team colors are black and red, taken from the flags of England and German Empire (Isaac Newell being English and his wife German). The team is often referred to as leprosos (lepers) because they played in a charity match to raise funds for a leprosy clinic back in the 1920s.

Newell's Old Boys have won the Primera División Argentina five times (Metropolitano 1974, 1987/88, 1990, Clausura 1992 and Apertura 2004) and were the runners-up of the Copa Libertadores twice (1988 and 1992). The 1990/91 Championship was contested between the 1990 Apertura (Newell's) and 1991 Clausura (Boca Juniors) Champions, which Newell's won in home-and-away matches. Even though the 1990 Clausura was not considered official by itself, it is considered by Newell's supporters to be their "sixth" championship.

Newell's also won a friendly mini-tournament called the Little World Cup in 1988, against Club Atlético River Plate, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United F.C., and is, together with Boca Juniors, Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro and Racing Club de Avellaneda one of the few Argentina clubs that made a long and successful tour over Europe (in 1941), in which they defeated several important teams such as Valencia CF, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Real Madrid and the Spanish National "A" Team. These are the only major international achievements of the club until now (although several minor international summer tournaments were won). So as yet the club have not won an official international championship.

Newell's Old Boys is one of a very few teams to have had all their players represent the National team in a single game (another is Queen's Park F.C. of Scotland whose first team represented Scotland in the very first International match against England), when they represented Argentina in a Pre-Olympic Tournament with their undefeated Reserva Team. It classified third all over America, after Brazil and Uruguay (references).

The team has also contributed an important number of players to the Argentina national football team, and exported many players to Europe's top leagues, mostly to Italy and Spain. Among its great players were Gabriel Batistuta, Abel Balbo, Jorge Valdano, Américo Gallego, Mario Zanabria, Gustavo Dezotti, Roberto Sensini, Walter Samuel, Mauricio Pochettino, René Pontoni, Gerardo Martino, Ángel Perucca and several more. It has recently produced players like Argentina national football team Gabriel Heinze, Maxi Rodriguez and Lionel Messi.

The club's president is Guillermo Lorente who was recently elected.


The Newell's Old Boys stadium has been in the Parque Independencia neighborhood of Rosario since 1911, and is commonly called El Coloso del Parque (the Colossus of the Independence Park). Capacity was increased from 30,000 to 38,095 in 1997. On December 22, 2009 the stadium was renamed to Marcelo Bielsa, in honor to the former player and coach of the team.


- Argentine Primera División: 5

Former players

- Julio Libonatti (1919–26)
- José Canteli (1940's) (1970–75)
- Andrés Rebotarro (1970–78)
- Jorge Valdano (1971–75)
- Santiago Santamaría (1971–75), (1980–85)
- Arsenio Ribeca (1971–76)
- Juan Ramón Rocha (1972–78)
- Carlos Picerni (1972–78), (1982–83)
- José Luis Pavoni (1973–77)
- Américo Gallego (1974–80)
- Ricardo Giusti (1975–78)
- Roque Alfaro (1975–83), (1987–88)
- Juan Simón (1977–83)
- Raul Miralles (1951–59)
- Sergio Omar Almirón (1977–89)
- Víctor Ramos (1978–84), (1987–89)
- Gerardo Martino (1980–90), (1991–94), (1995)
- Gabriel Batistuta (1981–87), (1996–97)

- Norberto Scoponi (1981–94)
- Juan Manuel Llop (1981–94)
- Fabián Basualdo (1982–88), (1993–96)
- Gustavo Dezotti (1982–88)
- Jorge Pautasso (1982–90)
- Julio Alberto Zamora (1983–87), (1990–93), (1997–98)
- Jorge Theiler (1983–89), (1993)
- Juan José Rossi (1983–89), (1992)
- Ariel Cozzoni (1985–88), (1989–91), (1993)
- Roberto Sensini (1985–89)
- Darío Franco (1987–91)
- Mauricio Pochettino (1988–94)
- Eduardo Berizzo (1988–93)
- Fernando Gamboa (1988–93), (1999-00)
- Julio Saldaña (1989–93), (1996-02)
- Miguel Angel Fullana (1980's & 1990's)
- Fabián Garfagnoli (1990–96)
- Ricardo Lunari (1991–92)

- Cristian Domizzi (1991–92), (2002–03)
- Gustavo Raggio (1991–96)
- Alfredo Berti (1992–95)
- Alfredo Mendoza (1992–95)
- Julio César Baldivieso (1994–97)
- Sebastián Cejas (1994-01)
- Aldo Duscher (1995–98)
- Gabriel Heinze (1996–97)
- Velko Yotov (1996–98)
- Damian Manso (1996-01), (2002–05)
- Sebastián Domínguez (1998-04)
- Maxi Rodríguez (1999-02)
- Mauro Rosales (2001–04)
- Fernando Belluschi (2002–06)
- Ariel Ortega (2004–06)
- Ignacio Scocco (2004–06)
- Hugo Colace (2004–08)
- Justo Villar (2004–08)
- Lionel Messi (1995-02)

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